All Purpose Brushes and Face Shields

We offer a wide selection of brushes for most of your instrument cleaning applications. These brushes are ideal for large bore, uniquely shaped, and endoscopic instruments

Comfort Alternative Pressure Pump & Mattress

  • Item : Comfort
  • Air output : >4.5 Liter/min
  • Pressure range : 40~100 mmHg
  • Cycle time :10~12 min
  • Power Consumption : 7W
  • Size : 22.4(L)*10.8 (W)*10.3(H) cm
  • Weight : 1.4kg
  • Item : Comfort 2500
  • 130 bubble cells
  • Vent : Optional
  • Material : PVC (EN-71, low toxic)
  • Color : beige/blue
  • Repair kit included
  • Size : 200(L)*90(W)*6.5(H)cm
  • Weight : 2.0kg

Product Function And Features


Turn the Knob to set a comfortable pressure level.

The pressure range is 40~100mmHg.


Hook is provided under the pump. Pump can be put on horizontal surface or hang on the bed by means of hook


Mattress is easier to fix to the bed with end flaps


Vent help to keep skin dry

Medical Autoclave Tape

4A Medical Bowie & Dick Test Pack

4A Medical Bowie & Dick Test Pack

Bowie & Dick Test Pack is used for detecting air leakage, inadequate air removal and steam penetration in steam sterilization

2 type is available:

Bowie & Dick Test pack wrapped with Medical paper (400 sheet & 200 sheet is available)

Bowie & Dick Test pack wrapped with Crepe Paper (400 sheet & 200 sheet is available)

4A Medical Indicators

4A Class6 Steam Emulating Indicator is the most critical chemical indicator, designed to evaluate all parameters during the sterilization process on the Location and to give instant read-out. The indicator is in compliance with EN – ISO 11140 (class 6).

2 types are available :

  • Class6 Steam Emulating Indicator 3.5min. 134°C
  • Class6 Steam Emulating Indicator 7min. 134°C

In Class6 Indicator, Self Adhasive type is available as well.

4A Medical Biological Indicators

  • Ethylene oxide biological indicator is developed to control EO gase sterilization process.
  • Suitable for ISO 11138-1 and 2.
  • Plastic tube contains 106. Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores and this spores are soaked on filter paper in the tube.
  • Result can be taken in 24 hrs. Positive color change is taken when blue color changes to yellow.

4A Medical Hand Labeller and Labels for Steam & EO

By using hand labeller, Steam & EO label can be sealed on the pack which is to be sterilized.

After sterilisation cycle, with its double sealable part (piggy back), labels can be sealed on documentation cards.

Labels have 3 lines, user name, lot no, batch no, manufacturing date and expire date can be printed on the labels by using hand labeller.

4A Medical Autoclave Tape

water based and non-toxic chemical indicator tape has stripes that change color after exposure to steam, EO, FO and plasma sterilization conditions to provide immediate identification of processed items.

MYO/Punch Rotating Surgical Punch

  • Hollow cutting tip with 10 degree undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of hole during cut to provide a clean and round hole.
  • Patented Roating Cutting Action Dual cutting action combined with a full 90 degree rotation of a scalpel sharp edge creates a clean circular hole.
  • Syringe style grip designed to provide comfort during use and excellent visibility of the operative site.
  • Low profile cutting tip designed for easier entry.