Surg- ENZ(Advanced-Multi-Enzymatic Detergent/Cleaner)

Surg-ENZ® – CST – 404C

Surg-ENZ® – CST – 404C

Advanced-Multi-Enzymatic Detergent/Cleaner For Surgical Instruments and Endoscopes

Product Features

For Manual,Automatic & Ultrasonic Use

Fast-Enzymatic-Cleaning-Action(Starts Cleaning In Less Than One Minute)

Reduces cleaning time by rapid, efficient removal of stubborn organic encrustation.

Cleans a Wide Range of Surfaces

Safe and effective for stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and brass Instruments and endoscopes.

Fast Rinsing and Free of Metal Attacking Agents

Rinses quickly and does not contain scale forming phosphates, chlorides or hydroxides


Inhibits bacterial growth in ready-to-use concentrate.

Economical, Saves Money

Highly concentrated, only 8ml is required to make one Litre of cleaning solution.

Directions for use

Surg-ENZ® multi-enzymatic cleaner is highly effective for fast, efficient removal of dried blood, proteins, fats(lipids),carbohydrates, mucus, albumin, synovial fluids and bone marrow. Surg-Enz is safe and effective for all flexible and rigid scopes, stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and brass instruments.

For Manual, Ultrasonic and Automated Endoscope Processors: Add 8ml per Litre of water at 100-120°F.mix well.Allow atleast 1-2 minutes cleaning time. More time may be needed for heavy bioburden loads. Higher temperatures can be used up to 140°F if not restricted by instrument, scope, ultrasonic or automated endoscope processor manufacturers.

As an Automatic Sterilizer/Decontaminator washer detergent and or manual pre-soak for surgical instruments: Program machine to deliver1/4-2fl.oz.per gallon of water depending upon water quality and bioburden. Surg-ENZ is highly effective at all temperatures however,in autowashers optimum cleaning and foam control is achieved at 120-140°F.Allow at least 1-2 minutes cycle time.

Ordering Information

CST-404C -1 – one gallon bottle packed four per case

CST-404C-5 – Five gallon plastic jug with handle

CST-404C-15 – Fifteen gallon plastic drum.

CST-404C-30 – Thirty gallon plastic drum.

CST-404C-55 – Fifty Five gallon plastic drum.


Avoid prolonged contact with skin. May irritate eyes. Wear eye protection as a safety precaution. Do not swallow. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN! Discard used solution .Do not reuse.

Enzymatic Foam-Spray For Surgical Instruments


Product Features

Stop dried on blood- enzyme foam breaks down & prevents stubborn organic encrustation on surgical instruments.

Eliminates messy spills – no more spillage between the operating room and central cleaning/processing department.

Neutral pH – safe and effective for stainless steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum and brass instruments.

Bacteriostatic – microbiological control agents inhibit bacterial growth in the ready-to-use foam solution.

Competitively priced – costs less without compromising performance.

Saves time – long lasting foam reduces the number of spray applications.

Multi-Enzymatic – contains a synergistic blend of lipase and protease enzymes.

Directions for use

1. After use, spray onto soiled instruments as quickly as possible, covering all instrument surfaces.

2. Let instruments soak in foam until ready for cleaning & sterilization.

3. Apply more CST-402S Enzymatic Foam Spray as needed, to keep instruments moist.

4. Rinse instruments, then proceed with regular cleaning & sterilization procedures.

Ordering Information

CST-402S-22-22 fl.oz.sprayer bottle &sprayer packed twelve per case.

CST-402S-Gal- One gallon bottle packed four per case.(refill for 22 fl.oz.bottle)


Avoid prolonged contact with skin. May irritate eyes. Wear eye protection as a safety precaution. Do not swallow. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! Discard used solution. Do not reuse

Instrument Spray lubricant

For Convenient Protection of Surgical Instruments

CST-302s is a convenient, ready to use spray lubricant specially formulated to protect and extend the working life of surgical instruments.

Product Features

Helps Prevent Corrosion- Anti-corrosive agents fight corrosion.

Gentle Formula – Formulated with gentle, non-aggressive ingredients.

Extends Instrument Life – Leaves a protective micro-film which prolongs instrument life

Frees Up Box Locks – Lubricates moving parts of surgical instruments.

Convenient to use – Sprayer feature eliminates time consuming milk baths.

Directions for use

Spray CST-302S instrument Spray Lubricant onto clean stainless steel surgical instruments. Allow to drip dry, then proceed to autoclave.

Echnical Data:

Chemical Description.Water emulsible, non-ionic lubricant emulsion milk.
Physical AppearanceLiquid milk appearance with pleasant scent.
Specific Gravity0.99

Order Number &Packaging:

CST-302S-8 8fl.oz.HDPE sprayer bottles packed 12 per case.

CST-302S-16 16fl.oz.HDPE sprayer bottles packed 8 per case.

Cautions & Warnings:

CST-302S is not a sterilant. instruments must be sterilized following treatment with CST-302S

All Purpose Brushes and Face Shields

We offer a wide selection of brushes for most of your instrument cleaning applications. These brushes are ideal for large bore, uniquely shaped, and endoscopic instruments

Comfort Alternative Pressure Pump & Mattress

  • Item : Comfort
  • Air output : >4.5 Liter/min
  • Pressure range : 40~100 mmHg
  • Cycle time :10~12 min
  • Power Consumption : 7W
  • Size : 22.4(L)*10.8 (W)*10.3(H) cm
  • Weight : 1.4kg
  • Item : Comfort 2500
  • 130 bubble cells
  • Vent : Optional
  • Material : PVC (EN-71, low toxic)
  • Color : beige/blue
  • Repair kit included
  • Size : 200(L)*90(W)*6.5(H)cm
  • Weight : 2.0kg

Product Function And Features


Turn the Knob to set a comfortable pressure level.

The pressure range is 40~100mmHg.


Hook is provided under the pump. Pump can be put on horizontal surface or hang on the bed by means of hook


Mattress is easier to fix to the bed with end flaps


Vent help to keep skin dry

Packaging Products

4A Medical Gusset Sterilization Reels

  • White Medical Paper provides maximum safety.
  • Indicators are printed on the paper to prevent pigment migration.
  • Transparent , multilayer co-polymer film allows easy identification.
  • Superior barrier and quality with 60gsm or 70gsm medical paper gusseted part provide to place high volume items in the punch.
  • Indicators are water based , non toxic .
  • Formaldehyde (FO) indicator is available upon request.
  • Strong seal-strength, visible sealing lines.
  • Clean fibre-free opening.
  • All materials comply with international standards.
  • Opening direction is marked.
  • Conformity with EN 868-5.

4A Medical Tyvek® Sterilization Reels

  • Excellent microbial barrier resistance
  • Superior tear strenght and puncture resistance.
  • Clean peel.
  • Exceptional resiliency.
  • Outstanding water resistance.

4A Medical Gusset Sterilization Pouches

  • White Medical Paper provides maximum safety, indicators are printed. On the paper to prevent pigment migration, Transparent, multilayer Co-polymer film.
  • Allows easy identification, Superior barrier and quality. with 60gms or 70gms medical paper, gussetted part provide to place high.
  • Volume items in the pouch, indicators are water based, non toxic, formaldehyde(FO) indicator is available upon request, Strong seal- strength.
  • Visible sealing lines, clean fibre-free opening, All materials comply with.
  • International standards, Opening direction is marked, Conformity with EN 868.5.

4A Sterilization Pouches

  • White Medical paper provides maximum safety. Indicators are printed.
  • On the paper to prevent pigment migration, Transparent, multiplayer.
  • Co polymer film allows easy identification, Superior banner and quality.
  • With 60gsm or 70gsm medical paper, Gussetted part provide to place high.
  • Volume items in the pouch, indicators are water based, non toxic, Formaldehyde (FO) indicator is available upon request, Sirong seal-strength.
  • Visible sealing lines, Clean fibre free opening, All materials comply with.
  • International standards, Opening direction is marked.
  • Comformity with EN 868.5.

Medical Autoclave Tape

4A Medical Bowie & Dick Test Pack

4A Medical Bowie & Dick Test Pack

Bowie & Dick Test Pack is used for detecting air leakage, inadequate air removal and steam penetration in steam sterilization

2 type is available:

Bowie & Dick Test pack wrapped with Medical paper (400 sheet & 200 sheet is available)

Bowie & Dick Test pack wrapped with Crepe Paper (400 sheet & 200 sheet is available)

4A Medical Indicators

4A Class6 Steam Emulating Indicator is the most critical chemical indicator, designed to evaluate all parameters during the sterilization process on the Location and to give instant read-out. The indicator is in compliance with EN – ISO 11140 (class 6).

2 types are available :

  • Class6 Steam Emulating Indicator 3.5min. 134°C
  • Class6 Steam Emulating Indicator 7min. 134°C

In Class6 Indicator, Self Adhasive type is available as well.

4A Medical Biological Indicators

  • Ethylene oxide biological indicator is developed to control EO gase sterilization process.
  • Suitable for ISO 11138-1 and 2.
  • Plastic tube contains 106. Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores and this spores are soaked on filter paper in the tube.
  • Result can be taken in 24 hrs. Positive color change is taken when blue color changes to yellow.

4A Medical Hand Labeller and Labels for Steam & EO

By using hand labeller, Steam & EO label can be sealed on the pack which is to be sterilized.

After sterilisation cycle, with its double sealable part (piggy back), labels can be sealed on documentation cards.

Labels have 3 lines, user name, lot no, batch no, manufacturing date and expire date can be printed on the labels by using hand labeller.

4A Medical Autoclave Tape

water based and non-toxic chemical indicator tape has stripes that change color after exposure to steam, EO, FO and plasma sterilization conditions to provide immediate identification of processed items.

MYO/Punch Rotating Surgical Punch

  • Hollow cutting tip with 10 degree undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of hole during cut to provide a clean and round hole.
  • Patented Roating Cutting Action Dual cutting action combined with a full 90 degree rotation of a scalpel sharp edge creates a clean circular hole.
  • Syringe style grip designed to provide comfort during use and excellent visibility of the operative site.
  • Low profile cutting tip designed for easier entry.